Nic Fantl

Nic brings a curious mind with more than 19 years of advertising, marketing and communications experience to his work at Purple. Before joining Purple, Nic spent the bulk of his career at Leo Burnett, ultimately ascending to a VP/Global Lead position on several major accounts. Nic is singularly focused on extracting the best ideas and best expressions of those ideas from the strategies developed by his Purple colleagues. He loves the intellectual challenges that Purple clients continually present. He’s worked with many Fortune 500 companies and some smaller ones too. Nic’s diplomas (hanging on his mother’s wall) are a master’s degree from Virginia Commonwealth University’s Brand Center and a BA in Theater from Virginia Tech.

“I’m fascinated by the diversity of backgrounds and breadth of knowledge walking the halls of Purple. These people are as nice as they are smart. You don’t find that very often. They bring a unique perspective to the work, based on a genuine hunger for discovery.”

“There is a sense of importance and urgency in our work. The issues we confront are current and real. It goes much deeper than the latest innovation. The problems we solve at Purple can be world-changing.”

 “My personal creed: Embrace the ugly. Sometimes that’s where genius hides.”