Aliana Michals

Aliana is a strategic thinker and problem solver with experience in political advocacy, brand strategy and crisis communications. At Purple, she works with a range of clients to develop campaign strategy and support the execution integrated campaign plans. Before joining Purple, Aliana worked for Senator Christopher Murphy (D-Conn.) focusing on health care policy and conducting clinical psychology research. Aliana also worked as a Diplomacy Fellow and mentor at Harvard and Georgetown with Best Delegate, where she trained students from across the world on international security and the work of the United Nations. Aliana graduated from the George Washington University with a B.A. in Political Science.

“Purple teaches you the power of collaboration. Whether you’re solving a client issue or making an internal process improvement, you learn from everyone around every single day.”

There’s one thing I try to remember when I’m confronting seemingly intractable problems with audacious ideas: Do it scared, or dont do it at all.”

“In my role, I have to become an expert on the client and the issues at hand as quickly as possible. I absolutely love learning everything I can to inform strategy and solve deep-seated, real-world problems.”