Angie Zier

Angie is responsible for staffing creative projects and managing the creative/content teams at Purple. She grew up in Iowa, studied Advertising at the University of Georgia, spent her mid-twenties in San Francisco, her thirties in Chicago and now her forties in Northern Virginia.  She started her career in the Creative Department at Williams-Sonoma Corporate, followed her love for photography to the Crate & Barrel catalog and then gained post-production experience at a retouching studio and printer.  Always wanting to work at a big agency she then spent 10 years as Creative Resource Director at Leo Burnett where she worked on many new business pitches and accounts including Altoids, Kellogg’s, McDonald’s, Sprint and Esurance.  She is now thrilled to be at Purple and building up the talented creative team.

“One thing that makes Purple unique is the need to be hyper aware of what is going on in the world relating to business news, politics and policies.  At Purple we work on complex and consequential projects that can impact a company’s strategy, financial performance, customers and employees. It is quite different from working at a large ad agency, where being up to date on pop culture and understanding why Bryan Cranston was amazing as Walter White in a Super Bowl spot was important.” 

“While I don’t always remember names right away I always remember faces and other random facts about people I meet, like if they have pets at home, how many kids they have, recent vacations they’ve taken and if they like pimento cheese and playing board games.” 

One of the most fascinating parts of my job is quickly understanding each person’s skill set and what makes them tick so I can carefully match them up with projects and teams that will make them most effective. I love watching the creative process go from a few words on paper in a brainstorm and evolve into beautiful and powerful storytelling.”