Anna Weckmuller

As a Research Manager at Purple, Anna focuses on designing and executing qualitative and quantitative research studies to provide clients with a holistic approach to their goals. Prior to joining Purple, Anna was a Senior Research Analyst at APCO Worldwide. During her time utilizing market research in a client-facing role, she has worked with trade associations and nonprofits, biopharmaceutical companies, and some of the world’s largest recognizable brands. Earlier in her career, she spent time working on Capitol Hill and in Hanoi, Vietnam, with Helen Keller International. Anna earned her Master of Public Policy degree from The George Washington University in 2020 and a BA from the University of Minnesota in 2018.

“Here at Purple, there is no copy-paste way of problem-solving, which makes the Purple approach truly unique. Research is central to what we do here. We can be confident that decisions are data-driven rather than the other way around, and the recommendations we bring forth to clients have been validated with research.”

“Being new to Purple and working remotely, I was worried about meeting new people and losing a sense of company culture that I find so important. However, the firm does a great job of encouraging purposeful face-to-face gatherings. Everyone I’ve met is welcoming, considerate, and excited about the work we do. It’s inspiring being surrounded by such intelligent people – and it makes the job even more fun.”

“One motto I live by is ‘it’s worth it’ which helps me get past sweating the small stuff and to focus on the larger goal at hand!”