Ben Crane

Ben is an associate at Purple Strategies with a background in political campaigns and public affairs. He has worked on a variety of congressional campaigns across his home state of Illinois. Most recently, Ben worked at a “hybrid” public affairs and lobbying firm in Washington, D.C. He graduated in 2022 from Temple University in Philadelphia with degrees in political science and environmental studies. Ben joined Purple Strategies in November of 2022.

“My experience on different campaigns has taught me valuable skills such as communication, organization and strategic planning. Those skills shape the work I do at Purple every day.”

“The best part about working at Purple Strategies is the unique backgrounds every employee here has. In my short time here, I have met people from all corners of the country with different experiences. My colleagues have provided me with different perspectives and approaches to understanding a variety of different topics.”

“Throughout college and several different internships, I’ve learned the importance of messaging. Effective messaging can help writers persuade their audience, shape public opinion, and ultimately achieve their goals.”