Billy Hennessy

Billy is coming off a stint at a boutique public affairs firm focusing primarily on associations and advocacy campaigns. Prior to that, he spent almost three years on The Hill serving a variety of roles but was primarily a Press Secretary and Body Man for a Democratic Member of Congress. Billy is originally from Chicago and graduated from Lafayette College in 2019. He likes to write and meet new people, but off the job he likes to play hockey, be outside and go see live music. 

Billy joins Purple as a campaign manager helping develop, implement and adjust client communication strategies. With a background in political communications and operations, Billy assists in managing the many moving parts of client campaigns. Before joining Purple, he was a Senior Associate at United Public Affairs helping bolster clients’ reputations and gain national attention. He spent almost three years with Congressman Seth Moulton, working on his campaign, on Capitol Hill and with Serve America PAC. Serving in different communications and operations roles, he gained valuable insight in managing difficult timelines, eliminating barriers before they arise and in his own words, “just getting stuff done.” He graduated from Lafayette College with dual degrees in Government and Law and Film and Media Studies and is an avid fly fisherman. 

“Working with the brilliant people at Purple provides an opportunity to learn from some of the best in their fields. With their wide array of backgrounds, you are guaranteed to learn something new from everyone on the team.”

“Being able to recognize problems before they become problems is absolutely necessary if you are looking to run an effective campaign. At Purple, we are always looking for ways to cut unnecessary red tape, streamline processes and stay ahead of the curve. This mindset helps our clients best utilize the resources they have.”

“My Dad has a funny saying, “If you want to fly with the eagles, you have to run with the turkeys.” This attitude of knowing no job is too big or too small absolutely benefits everyone on board the team.”