Cole Leiter

Cole joined Purple as a Campaign Manager after serving as Communications Director for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee during the 2020 election cycle and on the DCCC team that flipped the US House in 2018. Working on and with federal campaigns from Florida to Texas to Maine, he brings valuable perspective on how to connect with diverse audiences undergoing massive demographic and behavioral shifts. He is experienced in training principals to communicate their stories, with a focus on humanizing data-driven messages that persuade targeted audiences through personal narrative. Previously, Cole worked for two members of Congress on Capitol Hill. A native of Raleigh, North Carolina, he graduated from Williams College with a B.A. in Political Economy.

“Successful campaigns break down walls between their different functions and orient their entire team around a single strategic goal.  That ensures the whole team — from top to bottom — understands the big picture, not just what they’re executing tactically. Purple brings that same integrated, team-oriented approach to serving its clients.”

“People can mistakenly assume that the job of communicators and strategists is to craft a message and hand it off to the client. In reality, our job is to sit with the client and help them organize their offerings and experience to meet the moment in a way only they authentically can.”

“Food was at the center of my family, and both my parents taught me to cook. My mom always bought cookbooks for what she called ‘inspiration’, even though she preferred to improvise based on decades of experience rather than the actual recipes. That approach, purposeful improvisation, informed by countless repetitions, with a pinch of inspiration, is something I aspire to… both in and out of the kitchen.”