Eric Michelson

Eric is among the early pioneers in the tools and techniques of digital social listening and analysis.  He brings his long experience in B2B and B2C technology and health care businesses to mapping macro social discussion trends and unearthing the deep insights needed for developing successful strategies and engagements, real-time crisis management and brand protection strategies, journey mapping, product and services transformations, and more. 

Eric has seen firsthand how social media audiences are increasingly fractured and subject to misinformation that target cultural truisms they hold dear.  Therefore, differentiating between trustworthy and untrustworthy sources, their propagation, and what it may mean is an area of special interest.   

“Social listening insights development, despite many automated analytics advancements made by platforms in the past few years, continues to rely on skilled analysts to parse data manually to surface the most accurate insights.” 

“It’s important to me to be well read with wide interests.  Deep expertise in a discipline is useful, but the most influential experts are those who are broadly knowledgeable while applying their knowledge across multiple domains.” 

“Two college classes were profoundly important to me: ‘Soil Science’ (from a year at agriculture school) helped set me on a long-standing meditation on the complexity and history that lies below the surface and the challenges and opportunities these attributes offer.  An art history survey class demonstrated how artists can effectively channel a shared humanity, albeit in highly symbolic and poetic forms, and helped give me confidence in developing an independent voice.” 

“The unmoderated online voice of the public is a gift.  I’ll unwrap it and put it together for you.”