Iggy Sanchez

As an account coordinator at Purple, Iggy works closely with campaign managers providing day-to-day support on special projects and advancing campaign plans with various Fortune 500 corporate clients. Prior to his current role, Iggy interned at Purple, assisting Purple’s teams with message and content development. He was also an intern with the National Republican Senatorial Committee and in Congress, where he worked on constituent outreach. Iggy earned his degree in marketing from the Farmer School of Business at Miami University.

“I think what makes Purple such an exciting place to work is that we drive real change and we see our efforts turn into tangible results. It’s always exciting to turn on the TV or open a newspaper and see campaign strategy and planning come to life.”

“Whenever I need inspiration I like to go for a hike, or better yet a camping trip. It really helps me decompress, think about problems in a different way and see similarities we all share as people.”

“Purple is a place that thrives on creative thinking and ideas, so if this is your first job out of college, don’t be afraid to share your opinions.”