Jasmine Graves

Jasmine Graves is a research analyst within the insights function at Purple. Prior, Jasmine was a data analyst with Represent Foundation, an organization dedicated to helping underrepresented communities start non-profits. During her undergraduate years, she worked as a facilitator and research assistant for World in Conversation, an organization dedicated to researching how to have meaningful conversations about social issues. She earned a bachelor of science degree from Penn State University. She loves to dance and try new things, as evidenced by when she joined in Penn State’s dance team with no prior formal training.

Working for World in Conversation has helped me develop the necessary skills to gather information, break data down to its core elements, and communicate insights for optimal understanding. My experience working for Represented Foundation taught me how to correctly identify problems and find practical solutions, improving overall efficiency.”  

“Even during the interviewing process, I could tell that Purple is a company where learning and growth is valued. I most admire my Purple colleagues’ down-to-earth attitudes and curious mindsets.”

 If I’m ever unsure about a decision, I look to gather more information than make a decision blind. Focusing on gathering data is the way I get myself “unstuck” and makes the decision process more manageable, personally and professionally.”