Jennifer Harfeld

Jennifer is a storyteller, curator and builder of brands. She’s an award-winning creative director with two decades of strategic and creative expertise. Jennifer spent the first half of her career in Chicago, developing national ad campaigns for some of the world’s most recognized brands including Kellogg’s, Nintendo, Altoids, Coca-Cola, Verizon and Heineken. She moved to Washington, DC., bringing her talents to the advocacy arena. Jennifer has created global, cause-marketing campaigns for associations and foundations such as the United Nations Foundation, UNICEF and the Gates Foundation. She holds a BFA in design and painting from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and did her graduate studies in advertising art direction at the Miami Ad School at Portfolio Center in Atlanta, GA.

“You might think putting over 100 red and blue professionals together would result in philosophical gridlock. Not so at Purple. Challenging each other is a key part of arriving at strategies that are as durable as they are insightful. We disagree for sure, but mostly along the lines of mushroom vs. pepperoni.”

“Looking at the world through as many lenses as possible is essential to producing great, effective work. It’s important to really put yourself in the position of your audience, especially if it seems uncomfortable or unfamiliar.”

“I find that if your mind is truly open, present and receptive, creative inspiration can slip in anywhere, anytime. I watch films from around the world. I listen to different podcasts and all types of music. I think of it as creating a space in my mind that invites ideas — the more ideas that come in, the more that go out. If that doesn’t work, I visit the artisanal corndog food truck.” 

I live by a few simple yet profound tenets… 1) The only limitation is your imagination. 2) Who ate my yogurt? 3) Bowie rules.”