John Froehlich

John describes himself as a data science enthusiast. For nearly 10 years, John has applied that passion to work in public opinion research, data analytics and data fusion. At Purple, he partners with the firm’s strategists to develop insights that lead to action. John joined Purple after holding numerous analyst roles in global communications and public affairs agencies including, APCO Worldwide and KRC Research. He has extensive experience in corporate reputation research drawn from assignments with numerous Fortune 100 companies. John’s active in the Washington D.C. Stonewall sports league, a non-profit sports league that raises funds for local LGBTQ+ & Ally non-profit organizations. He graduated from Denison University with a degree in Political Science.

“Purple teaches you to stay relevant. The world is changing fast, with new and better ways data can help tackle problems and tell stories. You need to stay ahead of that curve.”

“There’s an exceptional blend of autonomy and collaboration at Purple. We have a unique way of breaking down barriers and offering a high degree of personal ownership in contributing to our work.”

“I find taking disparate sources of seemingly unrelated information and looking at it from different angles to form entirely new perspectives to be endlessly fascinating. And I get to do that on a daily basis at Purple.”

“My past work experience has made me at home combing through a spreadsheet with 20,000 rows and columns of data.”