Jordan Langdon

Jordan advises clients on reputation management and strategy to help them tell a compelling story and successfully navigate their business challenges. She brings more than eight years of experience as a strategic communicator specializing in political campaigns, crisis communications and media relations. Prior to joining Purple, Jordan spent five years on Capitol Hill working with Senator Jerry Moran of Kansas and Representative Jeff Denham of California. During her time working in Congress, she was a spokesperson for national and local media, a speechwriter and a digital strategist. Prior to her congressional work, Jordan served on the presidential campaigns of Mitt Romney and Rick Perry in 2012, and worked with the Texas Office of State-Federal Relations. An Austin native, Jordan graduated from University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Public Relations and a Global Business Foundations Certification from McCombs School of Business. 

Purples approach to problem-solving is unlike any other firm I know. People here believe in the value of challenging the status quo, taking already-strong thinking and making it stronger – never settling for good enough.You can see that in the creative solutions we bring to our clients. And it’s reflected in the firm’s track record of success.”

Hands down, the most essential skill my role demands is diplomacy.”

“I’d tell anyone starting out to talk to everyone you can who might do anything remotely related to what you think you want to do. Then ask them to recommend another person to talk to. There are many paths to get to a place like Purple. Asking others about their backgrounds helps you know how to get where you want to go.” 

The most successful political campaigns are guided by strong foundational principles, centered on the candidate and the goal at hand, but structured to move on a dime and respond to rapidly changing environments. That’s the approach Purple brings to our clients as well.”