Justin McCorvey

Justin McCorvey is a native of Birmingham, Alabama. In his professional life, Justin is dynamic change agent who is dedicated to sharing with the world his expertise in law, corporate strategy, and politics. Justin has multiple years of experience with Fortune 10 companies and a deeply rooted passion for politics and policy. Additionally, Justin has a significant amount of expertise in the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion space with a specific emphasis on recruitment and culture changes within the workplace.

From working in healthcare consulting to playing an intricate part in a plethora of state and local elections, Justin’s journey to Purple has been quite unique. He left corporate America after five years in pursuit of a law degree and to further hone his skills to be utilized on his quest to be the change he wishes to see in the workplace and his surrounding communities. His corporate and political experience coupled with his legal expertise gives Justin a cutting-edge perspective when providing solutions and strategies to Purple’s clients. Justin holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration from Florida A&M University and a Juris Doctor from the University of Iowa College of Law.

“Working at Purple allows me to be a real life fixer. Like the hit TV show, Scandal, I get to wear the white hat for our clients and solve their most challenging and complex issues.”

“I live by the mantra: Good, better, best … Never let it rest … Until your good is better and your better is best.”

“We work at ‘campaign’ speed here at Purple. I’m always amazed at the exceptional work that we can produce for our clients in such a short period of time. In the spirit of under-promising and over-delivering … we always over-deliver.”