Katherine Connolly

Katherine works across client teams supporting reputation and advocacy campaigns, bringing her own distinctive approach to strategic communications derived from a background in both the corporate and political worlds. That hybrid skill set most recently drove her grassroots work on a campaign in New Hampshire that included several politically “purple” districts. Katherine previously worked as a strategy consultant in the Customers & Marketing team at Monitor Deloitte, where she developed sustainable growth strategies for clients across industries and in markets around the world. She also led the creation and development of a skills-based volunteering partnership with the Prince’s Trust, a major UK youth charity. She also sits on the Future Leaders Committee of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and helps lead Purple’s own cause and volunteer efforts. Katherine brings an international perspective colored by her experiences living and working in multiple countries across four continents. She read History & Politics at Trinity College, Oxford, where she graduated with an honors degree.

“Political campaigns force you to face the final hurdle of communications: no matter how carefully prepared all the talking points and strategies are, if it lands flat at the doorsteps it doesn’t matter how good it sounded in the office. Purple’s culture is rooted in a shared history of working directly at that final hurdle, so we’re able to bring a uniquely grounded, real-world perspective to our strategies.”

“Flexibility, creativity, resilience – but most of all an entirely client-centric mindset is critical to my role at Purple. Everything should be intentional: why are we doing this, what will we get as a result of that action, how will that outcome help our client meet their goals?”

 “I get inspired from being outside – breathing fresh air and moving are a cure-all for any type of creative block.”

 “I tell people just starting out to learn everything you can from whatever you do. The beginning of your career is your chance to build up a knowledge base and a skills base. The more you build up now, the more resources you have to draw on when you find yourself in new or unexpected situations later.”