Maddy Hay

Maddy joined Purple’s internal communications, marketing and engagement team with years of client-facing experience from working at agencies and a major hospital system based in Boston. She has written both personally and professionally for numerous online publications and enjoys creating web content. She graduated as an English major from Boston College and right before coming to Purple, worked as a content manager at Massachusetts General Hospital. At Purple, Maddy continues to write strategic communications materials and collaborates with the company’s many internal teams to run marketing projects. She enjoys creating social media and newsletter content, drafting thought leadership articles and executing communications plans for the firm.

“My favorite clients are my coworkers. By holding an internal role at Purple, I’m in a unique position to see the challenges my colleagues experience. By working closely with the different teams, I can create solutions and implement more efficient, engaging processes.”

“I love to learn from others and keep up with the latest digital trends. No matter how many years of experience you have, it’s important to stay curious and continue to develop new skills.”

“I get my best ideas away from screens by brainstorming with a group. It’s easy to get wrapped up in daily tasks so it’s important to occasionally put the phone or laptop away and think about the bigger picture.”