Matthew Dong

Matthew supports Purple’s clients through several workstreams and disciplined research. He combines his quantitative and qualitative skills to understand today’s issues and develop tactical solutions. Prior to joining Purple, Matthew was a senior research specialist at Gartner, where he solved challenges in employee experience, leadership and culture, and more for large, international organizations and their HR functions. His interest in human behavior and marketing stems from his Psychology and Consumer Psychology studies at the University of Pennsylvania.  

“Purple effectively uses generalists to achieve long-term, strategic goals. There is always something to learn and develop, as well as a place where your strengths are needed.”  

“At Purple, the speed at which projects are done are impressively fast. It keeps work exciting and engaging.” 

“Storytelling is an age-old yet extremely effective tool. Whenever I meet someone new, if I hear their story, I’ll remember them, even if I forget their face.”