Minni Gupta

Minni is an Insights Analyst, focusing on digital media data to build data-driven insights. In this role, Minni’s expertise support and inform campaign strategies for clients’ communication and reputation goals. Prior to joining Purple, Minni was the Director of Digital Media at an D.C.-based advocacy firm, Subject Matter, where she helped establish the firm’s digital media team and implement social and digital media strategies into integrated campaigns. Minni has eight years of digital media expertise contributing and counseling clients at FleishmanHillard and Burson Cohne & Wolfe (formerly Burson-Marsteller). Focusing on clients in crises or facing public affair pressure, Minni has specialized in crisis management, proactive digital messaging and advertising, and reactive responses on clients’ most pressing issues. She graduated from Virginia Tech with a dual degree in International Studies and English. Minni grew up in Singapore, but now calls the Washington, D.C. area home.

“Purple is a unique work because of the opportunities and depth of knowledge I have gained over my time. Purple has an eye for an individual’s unique strengths and bringing together the most cohesive teams to lead clients through the toughest challenges in a seamless way.”

“The most interesting part of my job is the opportunity to develop a story driven by data, rather than just a read-out of data. An analysts’ job can be challenging if the insights aren’t applicable or actionable for a team; I get to answer the ‘so what’ and help paint a bigger picture with every data point discovered.”

“When I need inspiration I remind myself of the big picture. Understanding the end goal and purpose of the data I’m investigating helps stay true to the research objectives while also investigating every angle of answering the question.”