Nick Maschari

Nick works with closely with Purple’s leadership team and senior managers on the firm’s brand and business growth priorities, providing support on marketing, visibility and new client development efforts. He joined Purple after serving in leadership roles in global communications and public affairs agencies as well as media companies, including Atlantic Media, APCO Worldwide and MSLGROUP. Nick has always maintained an interest in global affairs and has lived and worked abroad in Asia and the Middle East. Outside of Purple, he sits on the board of directors of the Millennial Action Project, the largest nonpartisan organization of millennial policymakers in the U.S. Nick graduated cum laude from the Reed College of Media at West Virginia University.

 “For me, what makes Purple unique is this great alchemy of talent and mix of backgrounds that, while interesting and valuable on their own, leads to powerful thinking and breakthrough work for our clients when pulled together. No question it sets us apart.”

 “My role gives me the opportunity to immerse in an always-changing mix of issues and industries, and to work across the firm with so many of our team members. The exposure to such a range of client challenges and Purple expertise always keeps things interesting.”

 “I have a two-year-old son who is a constant source of inspiration for me. I’ve heard this stage of a child’s development described as “infatuation with the world,” and it’s true – everything he sees is greeted with a mix of wonderment and curiosity. It grounds me and lifts me up at the same time.”