Noah McGill

As an associate Data Analyst, Noah supports a number of Purple’s clients by analyzing social and traditional listening data to help power campaigns with actionable insights. Prior to joining Purple, Noah interned with Kaiser Permanente’s information and digital health technologies division where he supported internal strategy by circulating initiatives among targeted stakeholders during a restructure of the business unit. Noah graduated from the University of South Carolina in 2019 with a B.A. in Advertising.

“Working in client teams rather than in siloed departments allows for exposure to other jobs, people and perspectives that you normally wouldn’t get at another firm in this industry. The opportunities to learn from the diversity around you is extraordinary.”

“I spend most of each day looking at trends in social and traditional media. You never know where digital conversation is going to take you. Every day, there is something new to explore, and this makes my job very exciting.”

“As you step into the professional world for the first time, you’ll work with people who remember what it was like starting out and people who have forgotten. It’s easy to spot both kinds of people, especially the former, as they realize the massive impact coworkers can have early on in someone’s career and that the whole team benefits when a beginner starts to fulfill his or her potential. Seek out these people for guidance, and let their mentorship optimize your learning and growth. Thankfully, there are lots of these kinds of people at Purple. I’ve already learned so much so early in my career.”