Piper Evans

Piper develops strategies that allow organizations to deal with challenges and change. With over a decade of experience in brand marketing, reputation management and crisis communications, Piper has expertise in protecting the license to operate of companies across industries and in developing strategies for growth. At Purple, Piper provides counsel and actionable plans to improve clients’ reputations. Piper joined Purple after serving in management roles at global brand marketing agencies and on corporate communications teams, including at FleishmanHillard, the Public Affairs Council and Chevron. She has experience providing strategic counsel to c-suites across industries, with a deep expertise in the healthcare and energy sectors. Piper graduated cum laude from George Mason University.

“One of the things that makes Purple special is that while we work collaboratively and closely together, everyone brings something different to the table. We’re all working toward the same goal of helping our clients, but we leverage the unique perspectives and experiences of each team member. The best part – everyone brings a sense of humor.”

“One of the lessons I’ve learned in life is to not be afraid to ask bold questions. Sometimes it’s better to take a chance on a question that could lead to new thinking or a breakthrough than stay silent and let the status quo prevail. At Purple, we love bold questions and bold thinking.”

“People outside of Purple (my family in particular) think that I only work on crises or short-term challenges. In reality, I work on teams that build long-term relationships with clients — some of them are dealing with acute issues, but many are looking for ways to grow, enter new markets or navigate change that’s on the horizon.”