Rachel Ravencraft

Rachel is a “go-to-person” for client teams at Purple, ensuring that projects run like clockwork. She supports campaign managers with project management, planning, deliverable tracking and content creation support. Before she joined Purple, Rachel was a Manager of Change Management and Deployment in Global Operations at Marriott International, Inc. At Marriott, she assisted with system deployment and integration planning as the company navigated operational changes. Rachel previously served as an intern for Senator Mark R. Warner of Virginia, where she led projects in health care, education and telecommunication. Prior to her time with Senator Warner’s staff, Rachel interned at several non-profit and start-up companies, developing their media strategies. Rachel graduated summa cum laude from the University of South Carolina with a B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communications.

“The leadership at Purple is truly interested and invested in the success of everyone here. People are always eager to teach you something new and help you develop new skills and hone skills you have.”

“Even when you think ‘oh, this is EXACTLY like X,’ it never really is. There’s always a variable that makes the situation unique. It’s fascinating to see how Purple teams adapt to those variables and use them to the client’s benefit.”

“I’ll never forget what someone once told me: “Be where your feet are.”’