Taylor Kennedy

Taylor joined the Purple team to help guide industry-leading corporations and organizations through critical brand and reputational challenges. She manages daily monitoring and reporting efforts, supporting media and stakeholder outreach to key audiences. Before joining Purple, Taylor was at Ogilvy, where she worked with various federal agencies in developing comprehensive disaster and risk communications messaging. In the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season, she played an integral role in providing daily media monitoring support to teams working at the center of the crisis. Taylor graduated from American University with a B.A. in Public Relations and Strategic Communications, and is pursuing a Master’s of Professional Studies in publishing from The George Washington University.

“I love immersing myself in the Purple approach and the unique perspective Purple brings to some of the most daunting issues confronting our clients around the world.”

“Flexibility is key to the work I do. Being able to quickly adapt to changing realities and redirect attention is essential for the client teams.” 

“I took two art history classes in college with a professor who made subject matter that might seem boring absolutely fascinating. To this day, I still remember a surprising amount and still enjoy a real appreciation for fine art.”