Taylor Matter

As an account manager at Purple, Taylor supports the firm’s clients through the development and implementation of complex reputation campaigns. Prior to joining Purple, Taylor worked as a Campaign Manager at Calvert Street Group. At Calvert Street Group, he managed corporate advocacy campaigns for various Fortune 500 companies related to challenging land use development projects ranging from rock quarries and landfills to EPA superfund sites and professional sports stadiums, in addition to referendums. Taylor brings a background in political candidate campaigns and policy experience that includes a stint in state government focusing on Medicaid policy. He previously led grassroots efforts as an Action Corp Leader at Global Zero, a non-profit focused on the nonproliferation of nuclear weapons, in which he was party to a lobbying effort to U.N members in New York. Taylor is a graduate of Vanderbilt University.

“Purple has a diverse collection of talent that can put forth a wide array of solutions to any given problem. The final solutions offered to our clients are sourced from such varied expertise that the results are almost always something unique and innovative. I think thats one of the reasons this is a special place to work.”

“Among the most exciting parts of my job is the opportunity to work across a wide range of issues and industries and learn more about the various forces that can shape a client’s reputation. There’s always a new problem to solve and a new topic to become immersed in.”