Tony Kurilla

With deep expertise in digital channel planning, Tony works with numerous Purple clients in his role as media strategist. He’s especially skilled at pinpointing unique audience segments that become the building blocks for some of Purple’s most successful campaigns. He began his career at D.C. communications firm McBee Strategic, now Signal Group, delivering digital solutions for advocacy and grassroots campaigns for clients spanning the technology, non-profit and healthcare sectors. Tony later joined Model B, a digital marketing startup, where he was brought on to build the advertising department from the ground up – all while driving integrated digital solutions for their rapidly growing client base. Tony holds a master’s degree in Public Policy from American University. 

“Purple has a culture that promotes being both solutions-oriented and direct. Everyone’s committed to figuring out an approach, no matter how many obstacles stand in the way. People are also comfortable being direct with clients to set expectations.” 

“Paid media is often seen as a mysterious art with little to no science. Actually, rigorous metrics and analysis are key to delivering the most meaningful insight from each campaign we execute.” 

“When I need inspiration, I go to the movies. Jumping into a story for a couple of hours, taking in all of the details and choices the director makes, and understanding the impact it has on the final picture is fascinating.”