Torin Kelly

Torin brings a unique ability to analyze and impact the relationship between an issue, brand or executive and a complex range of stakeholders to every aspect of her work at Purple. Specializing in a campaign-style approach, Torin has spent over fifteen years designing and executing strategic communications efforts to shift public opinion and achieve public policy on behalf of Fortune 500 companies, industry coalitions and trade associations.

Torin has had the opportunity to compose and manage communications campaigns that have been credited with advancing over $15 billion in acquisitions, as well as shaping some of the most historic federal policy developments from the last decade in the areas of energy, healthcare, tax and trade. Through this work, she’s earned a reputation for her capacity to leverage research, executive thought leadership, media relations, opposition framing, paid media, earned media and digital advocacy to effectively manage the public narrative.

“It wasn’t the iceberg that sunk the Titanic; it was the crew that missed it. Vigilance as a professional discipline in our line of work is indispensable.”

“My personal motto is that the small moments define the big moments. Every day I try to ask myself: who was I at the copy machine today? Did I restock paper or ignore the check toner light? How we show up for the small (often mundane) moments in our daily lives defines how we’ll show up for the big moments.”