The DEI landscape is rapidly changing. Some people expect companies to constantly speak and act upon DEI issues. Others prefer you stay silent – though neutrality can be just as risky. Despite good intentions, many companies are doing it wrong. Instead of creating more inclusiveness, you’re importing divisiveness. That approach hurts your enterprise, alienates stockholders, creates divisions among employees, and distances everyone from the culture you’re trying to create.

We have a different way of looking at your DEI efforts. Bridging the divide between red and blue is in Purple’s name. It’s not just what we do, it’s who we are. We bring diverse points of view together to make your enterprise stronger – to the benefit of every employee, stockholder and stakeholder.

Let us help you find out.

Purple’s unified, custom, data-informed approach will assess your DEI strategy, so you can prepare your enterprise for the future, no matter your starting point.


There is a way to manage all those voices

They all want you to say something. To do something. But the problem is, the world has gotten really good at sniffing out
inauthenticity. Before you act, it needs to be true to who you are as a company and fit with how the world sees you. The good
news is you don’t have to face these challenges alone. Purple has the tools and expertise to help you understand what you’re
doing right and/or what you’re doing wrong. Our data and insight-informed approach and narrative development will help you
make decisions to address stakeholder expectations that also minimize the risk to your business and your reputation.

How are you doing so far?

How your DEI assessment works
We review your company’s current plans, intentions, and objectives for DEI efforts
We look at the external environment that captures how your company is being talked about, heard and understood with regards to your DEI efforts

What you get
A bespoke narrative that will shape how your company tells its DEI story
Scenarios for managing / navigating potential risks and opportunities associated with your DEI plans
An assessment of how your DEI efforts are impacting your overall reputation

What you will not get
A score or rating of how your company’s DEI actions measure up against the world

Putting the data to work for you

Purple Strategies looks at all the angles, integrating diverse insights from numerous sources to address the critical questions impacting your business, culture, and reputation.

What they say about you
How is the media covering DEI (historical, recent developments) overall and specific to your company?
What conversation is occurring on social media and corporations/DEI, the company/DEI, stakeholders/DEI?

What they hear from you
What are stakeholders hearing about your DEI efforts?
How and at what level are they engaging with the issue and your company?

What they believe about you
What are stakeholders’ expectations of your DEI efforts?
What are perceptions of your DEI efforts?
What impact could this issue have on your reputation moving forward?


Action-oriented deliverables

Risk & Opportunity Assessment 
Summarized output of our research that outlines the risks and opportunities for the company

Strategic Narrative
Recommended proactive story that frames the company’s current actions and ambitions around DEIB.

Scenario Planning
Identification of potential scenarios for the company related to DEIB and recommended strategies to mitigate and manage them.

Action Plan
Topline recommendations the company should take to strengthen their DEIB platform.

What clients Count on

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Purple is a reputation management firm that draws expertise from political campaigns and policy experience across the aisle to help corporations protect and strengthen their business in the face of intense competition and change.

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