At any stage of your career, you may find yourself asking, “Will what I do really make a difference?”

The answer at Purple Strategies is an unequivocal YES.

People are drawn to Purple by the high stakes and personal impact of the work. We see the results of our efforts in the success of our campaigns, the building and rebuilding of reputations, the ability to navigate complex issues, and in the capacity of our clients to adapt to and harness change.

Purple is home to a unique blend of expertise drawn from the worlds of political campaigns, government, branding, reputation, research, content and creative. There’s an energy fueled by the collision of different perspectives, and collaboration between them.

People who succeed at Purple thrive on collaboration, continuous learning, regular feedback and rigorous debate. Your opinion is more than welcome—it is expected.

We create opportunities for leadership and growth at every level—from entry level through seasoned executives. We seek out bright, motivated people who are curious, humble and love to learn.