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Are you asking the right question? Simple Yes/No About COVID Vaccine Intent Underestimates Public Support
December 2020 3 Min Read

Public intent to receive a COVID-19 vaccine is more nuanced than most polling captures and more optimistic for public health than is being widely reported.

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Futurecasting Insights Unveiled for America’s CEO
December 2020 1 Min Read

Purple partner Chris Durlak is a featured expert in the latest issue of The CEO Forum magazine, sharing insights for CEOs from Purple Futurecasting.

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Health Concerns Outpace Economic As COVID Cases Surge
December 2020 4 Min Read

As the COVID crisis has worsened across the U.S. since summer, partisan attitudes have shifted on whether it's more of a health or economic crisis.

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2020 Post-Election Outlook on a “Purple” Congress
November 2020 5 Min Read

Political alliances are shifting, and headwinds and tailwinds are becoming harder to read. What we see, what it means, and what you should do about it.

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COVID Vaccine Concerns Are Widespread Yet Partisan
November 2020 5 Min Read

Where a person gets their news and their political party identification drive unique factors of COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy.

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Futurecasting: The promise and peril ahead for corporate reputation leaders
November 2020 1 Min Read

What challenges and opportunities lie ahead for corporate reputation? Get in-depth perspectives from leaders who are building and protecting their company’s reputation, every day.

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How pharmaceutical companies can fill the void
October 2020 3 Min Read

Right now the pharmaceutical industry enjoys both public optimism about its work and public demand to hear more about it. Companies need to capitalize.

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Partisan Lens Has Americans Seeing Two Different Crises
October 2020 2 Min Read

Moving any audience requires understanding the lens shaping their perspective. Today's political lens on COVID-19 has Americans seeing two distinct crises, and leaders must bridge the divide to get through.

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Three Presidential Debate Takeaways For Corporate Leaders
September 2020 2 Min Read

Purple's Jordan Davis and Lauren Hickey offer three actions corporate leaders can take on the heels of the first presidential debate.

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Distinct Speech Styles To Converge On Presidential Debate Stage
September 2020 5 Min Read

Data visualization of the structure and theme of the candidates’ convention speeches serves as one guide for what to watch and listen for in the debates.

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