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Why Companies Should Invest in the Props that Create Hygiene Theater
October 2021 4 Min Read

The latest COVID-related research conducted by Purple Strategies shows most employees want their employers to implement safety measures at work.

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Which is Worse: The Fear of Crypto or the Fear of Missing Out?
October 2021 3 Min Read

Private sector moves continue to fuel cryptocurrency’s growing legitimacy as an asset class, but it’s not all good news for fans and investors.

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Purple Elevates Darryl Packard to General Counsel 
September 2021 2 Min Read

Purple Strategies has appointed Darryl Packard as General Counsel at the firm, who brings more than 15 years of experience in all aspects of business law.

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New CEO Research Project Surfaces Data From and For CEOs to Guide Executive Action
September 2021 2 Min Read

Purple is pleased to introduce our new CEO Research Project, developed with our partners at The CEO Forum Group, a media and content company that serves, connects and convenes the CEO community.

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CEOs Strive to Build a Better Workplace Post-Pandemic
August 2021 5 Min Read

CEOs share perspective on how to create a working environment that is stronger than ever as the world transitions out of the pandemic.

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Rory Cooper Named A Georgetown University Politics Fellow
August 2021 2 Min Read

Rory joins some of the best minds in politics, campaigns, journalism and public service to engage and educate future leaders in those fields.

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Recent Media Mergers Leave Many People Conflicted and Seeking Government Intervention
August 2021 3 Min Read

Mergers of media and content companies have left people feeling conflicted about the pros and cons and looking to government for help.

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If Past is Pre-Game, NHL Poised To Enjoy Boost In Public Reputation From Response To Luke Prokop’s Historic Announcement
July 2021 4 Min Read

For companies, the playing field has expanded in terms of issues and audiences that warrant careful monitoring, analysis and engagement.

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Purple Elevates Rory Cooper to Partner
June 2021 2 Min Read

Rory brings expertise honed during a career in Washington spanning the White House, congressional leadership, K Street, media and campaigns.

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Corporate and Public Affairs Insights Leader Nick Driver Joins Purple
May 2021 2 Min Read

Nick joins from Hill+Knowlton Strategies, where he most recently led the U.S. research team and scaled data and analytics across the global network.

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