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Three Presidential Debate Takeaways For Corporate Leaders
September 2020 2 Min Read

Purple's Jordan Davis and Lauren Hickey offer three actions corporate leaders can take on the heels of the first presidential debate.

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Distinct Speech Styles To Converge On Presidential Debate Stage
September 2020 5 Min Read

Data visualization of the structure and theme of the candidates’ convention speeches serves as one guide for what to watch and listen for in the debates.

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Obama and Chef José Andrés Alum Jennifer Kohl Joins Purple Strategies
September 2020 1 Min Read

Kohl brings experience from Capitol Hill and in political campaign, government, corporate, agency and non-profit work to Purple.

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How the viral “Plandemic” video sold misinformation
August 2020 7 Min Read

How can something so inaccurate be so persuasive? We dial-tested the viral Plandemic video to see which of its claims of misinformation were so captivating.

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WEBINAR: How the viral “Plandemic” video uses the power of storytelling to sell misinformation
July 2020 1 Min Read

Purple and GW's Peter Loge dissect the Plandemic phenomenon to understand why conspiracies and misinformation are so sticky, and how to combat them.

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Be Ready to Burst the NBA Bubble
July 2020 3 Min Read

If there's one thing we do well in America, it’s argue. Especially about politics. Taxes, healthcare, the environment – on pretty much any topic, it’s a fair bet that about half of Americans will happily disagree with the other half. But sports has always been different. Despite increasingly d...

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What Elon Musk and Mark Cuban’s positions on reopening tell us about political polarization and the American public
July 2020 5 Min Read

In mid-June, AMC CEO Adam Aron announced his movie theater chain would not require patrons to wear masks when they reopen in July in an effort to avoid “p...

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Politics and Policy Veteran Jordan Davis Joins Purple Strategies
June 2020 2 Min Read

Coming off 15 years successfully working at the intersection of policy, politics and messaging in both the House of Representatives and high-profile congressional campaigns, Jordan Davis joins Purple Strategies as a senior director this week. “As we navigate this moment with our clients, we’re...

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How to Avoid the ‘Safety Theater’ Trap
June 2020 4 Min Read

As businesses start to reopen in nearly every state, leaders face difficult decisions around how to create an environment in which employees and customers ar...

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Back to Work is Not Back to Before
June 2020 3 Min Read

COVID-19 Issue Insight Series  | 

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