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5 Minutes With The Women Leading Purple
March 2021 5 Min Read

Executives leading critical segments of the business and people at Purple share perspectives and reflections in honor of Women's History Month.

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10 Challenges That Will Shape Year Two of COVID for Business Leaders
February 2021 10 Min Read

The ongoing economic crisis, the continuing pandemic, the social justice movement and increasing inequality are just the short list executives face.

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What Financial Trading Apps Can Learn From Responsible Gaming Companies
February 2021 4 Min Read

Successful self-regulation in the gaming industry could be a model for trading apps in managing corporate reputation and protecting their license to operate.

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Orphan Drugs, Pricing, And Reputation Risk
February 2021 1 Min Read

As pharma companies look to their next drug development and launch, a shift in approach could mitigate their reputation risk, writes Crystal Benton.

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Three Challenges Corporations Should Prepare for Now in the Post-COVID Economy
January 2021 5 Min Read

As COVID-19 shifts from a health to economic crisis, these are the top economic concerns that leaders in corporate America should act on now.

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Science Led Us To Vaccines, But It Will Take A Political-Style Campaign To Get Us To Vaccinations
January 2021 3 Min Read

The expertise of American businesses and a political campaign mentality can carry us from vaccine development to herd-immunity vaccination coverage.

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Are you asking the right question? Simple Yes/No About COVID Vaccine Intent Underestimates Public Support
December 2020 3 Min Read

Public intent to receive a COVID-19 vaccine is more nuanced than most polling captures and more optimistic for public health than is being widely reported.

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Futurecasting Insights Unveiled for America’s CEO
December 2020 1 Min Read

Purple partner Chris Durlak is a featured expert in the latest issue of The CEO Forum magazine, sharing insights for CEOs from Purple Futurecasting.

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Health Concerns Outpace Economic As COVID Cases Surge
December 2020 4 Min Read

As the COVID crisis has worsened across the U.S. since summer, partisan attitudes have shifted on whether it's more of a health or economic crisis.

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2020 Post-Election Outlook on a “Purple” Congress
November 2020 5 Min Read

Political alliances are shifting, and headwinds and tailwinds are becoming harder to read. What we see, what it means, and what you should do about it.

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