Adam Aignor-Treworgy

Adam Aigner-Treworgy

Adam helps Purple clients develop communications strategies to navigate the modern reputation landscape. Prior to joining the company, he spent 15 years as a television news producer covering the White House, politics, policy and culture for NBC, CNN and CBS News. He traveled the country reporting on the 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns, winning an Emmy Award for his coverage of President Barack Obama’s re-election. From disasters to legislative rollouts to corporate innovations, Adam has covered nearly every type of story and gained deep experience in how information is delivered to – and absorbed by – the public. He even spent time helping Stephen Colbert’s team understand and satirize the news as a member of the award-winning team at The Colbert Report. A Boston native, Adam graduated from Washington University in St. Louis.

“One thing that makes Purple special is the diversity of experiences that every employee brings to the work. Our collaborative approach to solving problems yields a special blend of ideas that’s unlike anything I’ve seen anywhere else.”

“I always tell people early in their career to be bold and ask questions. Most people are happy to share their time and tell their story if your brave enough to ask. So find someone whose job sounds interesting to you and ask them if they have time for coffee. You’ll be surprised what you learn.”

“Fifteen years in journalism taught me a lot about how to talk to people and the value of working to understand different perspectives. Listening – whether it’s to customers, colleagues, employees, or the public – is often the first step in finding a solution.”