Alec Jacobs

Alec has been at Purple since 2012, when he joined what was then the Purple Digital team. His role has evolved substantially since then. Today, Alec manages integrated campaigns and leads teams working with some of the world’s best-known brands. He’s worked with clients across three continents, and in industries ranging from health care and pharmaceutical, to technology, entertainment and consumer products. He prides himself on taking a hands-on approach, working closely with insight leads, analysts and creative directors, to assure campaigns are driven by sound thinking, and that content reflects strategy once activated in the real world. Alec graduated with a degree in political communication from The George Washington University.

“The diversity of challenges we work on makes Purple unique. I never thought I’d be well-versed in FDA-approved sunscreen filters, the sustainability practices of leading chocolate manufacturers, or the approval processes for medical technology in Europe. But that’s what happens at Purple.”

“To successfully manage campaigns, I think it’s essential that you’re able to challenge conventional beliefs and a willingness to have your own beliefs questioned and interrogated.” 

“I try to get to a concert, a comedy show or theatrical performance of some kind once a week. It’s a great source of inspiration to see artists in their element, whether that’s a musician bringing new meaning to an old song, or a comedian making me think about something in a different way.”