Daniella Infante

Daniella first started at Purple Strategies in 2015 as the office’s Receptionist. As Purple continued to grow and expand, she was later promoted into her current role as the Office Manager where she supports its Headquarters office in Alexandria. Prior to coming to Purple, she performed office administrative duties for a boutique accounting and legal firm in Tysons, VA. In her role as Office Manager, Daniella’s job encompasses developing, organizing, and promoting office procedures that foster employee relationships and community. She works to help create an environment and work culture aimed at smoothing day-to-day operations while improving company morale. In addition, she further coordinates with Purple’s IT and HR departments to onboard and welcome new employees.

“Besides the amazing work Purple does, the people are by far the most special part of working at Purple. The firm is made up by a group of extraordinary team members that make our culture unmatched to any other place.”

“In the years that I’ve been at Purple I have seen the firm double in size. It’s been an incredibly rewarding experience trying to shift and evolve my role in order to keep up with our rapid growth.”

“I try to live by a simple motto: treat others how you would like to be treated”