Luke Frans

Luke Frans partners with leading brands, campaigns and causes to inform and execute their media strategies, audience objectives and brand reputation goals. With professional experience ranging from the White House, a media analytics company, and an advertising firm, he understands what it takes for Purple’s clients to break through today’s complex media landscape, impact the public debate, and shape opinions and outcomes. He has provided actionable audience insights, public opinion research and managed paid media and digital campaigns for companies and advocacy groups across several industries, including consumer products, energy and renewables, health care and transportation. Luke is a Palmetto State native and enjoys live music, reading a compelling story or biography and absorbing museum exhibits new and old. 

“I admire clients who proactively seek to capitalize on opportunities and face challenges with authenticity and transparency. Staying on the sidelines may be tempting in the short-term, but doing so makes it more likely one gets swept up in a current not of their own making.”

 “Identifying, understanding, and engaging the right audiences with compelling messages is more possible than ever before, even with fragmented media consumption, data privacy disruptions and declining institutional trust. Actionable data and insights empower advertisers to own an audience, not a platform.” 

“Lessons I never regret learning and re-learning: be quick to listen and slow to speak, where you stand depends on where you sit (Miles Law), so be open to unfamiliar perspectives, and prioritize memories more than possessions.”