Matthew Fraser

Matthew comes to Purple after working as an editorial producer for nearly five years on CNN’s Erin Burnett OutFront show. He selected guests and topics to cover during the nightly news hour. He has produced hundreds of stories and built relationships with people from all over the world while covering numerous historical events. Before beginning his career, he graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a major in political science and was captain of the varsity water polo team.

“During my career in broadcast news, I covered hundreds of topics and learned the best ways to tell a story. There will always be a breaking news crisis when it feels like the entire world is looking at you. But once you get through the storm, there are endless possibilities.”

“I have learned you have to listen to understand your client’s problems. If you only see one solution for a problem, then you’re not understanding the issue.”

“There’s always going to be an unpredictable variable or issue. That’s where the Purple team rolls up its sleeves and really shines. Our foundation of data and insights makes every recommendation or activation plan by Purple truly unique.”