Megan Williamson

Megan graduated magna cum laude from the University of South Carolina in May with a degree in Mass Communications. While in school, Megan had many jobs as well as leadership positions in multiple organizations on campus. During her senior year, she served as an intern in a Social Media Insights Lab in the school of Information and Communication at UofSC. She used Brandwatch to interpret data and create detailed reports for a variety of the lab’s clients. Megan also served as a University Ambassador, or a tour guide, for three years.

“Purple is more than a company, it’s a culture of collaboration where ideas and perspectives merge to create solutions that could not have been reached independently.”

“Here at Purple, the people really do make the place. I am constantly being encouraged and pushed to do and learn new things on a daily basis. I am never afraid to ask questions or be curious and that speaks to the people at purple more than anything else.”

“Purple is my first job post undergrad (go Gamecocks) and I came in very unsure of what to expect. I always say working at Purple is like walking among giants, because you have so much to learn from everyone you meet and that is exactly what I was looking for.”