Michael Sanchez

Michael joined Purple as a Workstream Manager after working at Mothership Strategies through the 2020 election cycle where he worked on digital fundraising for several high profile Democratic campaigns, including the highest raising Senate race in history. Through his background working in politics from the local level to presidential campaigns, Michael brings extensive experience working with a variety of stakeholders and using large swaths of data used to inform critical decision-making. He is experienced in both organizing and training individuals and has extensive knowledge of a variety of digital tools. A native of Bethesda, Maryland, Michael graduated from the University of Maryland with a B.A. in Public Policy.

“I get to use my experience in the political space — from fundraising, to organizing, to digital — to inform my work at Purple. Working with a variety of shareholders to drive results for our clients is a truly exciting endeavor for me, and I’m proud to bring that expertise to Purple to ensure our clients feel heard and their goals are exceeded.”

“Having worked in politics for the entirety of my professional career, working with Purple’s clients presents an exciting opportunity to utilize my experiences in a brand new way. I get to build off of my past and help our clients tell their stories in a space that is new to me.” 

“I’ve always held a special admiration for Anthony Bourdain. Aside from having a personal love of cooking from a variety of cuisines, Anthony Bourdain had a unique way of breaking down barriers to make whoever he was interviewing feel like a friend. He had a level of authenticity and respect that was rare, which is something that I strive to embody in and out of the office”