Mike Grozier

Mike joined Purple as an associate on client teams. Prior to joining Purple, he managed finance plans for members of Congress at a fundraising firm, where he worked with Fortune 100 companies, unions, and lobbying groups. He started his career working on the campaign trail on congressional races in Pennsylvania and Virginia gaining valuable insight into what makes a campaign successful. Mike graduated from American University with a degree in political science.

“The variety of different backgrounds at Purple makes it a fascinating place to work. The ability to learn from everyone’s previous experiences gives me a unique growth opportunity.”

“My family always lives by the motto ‘Just gotta believe.’ It’s important to not only have the skills necessary to overcome challenges but the self-confidence to see them through.”

“Being a great communicator is essential in any team organization. The ability to write or articulate ideas and plans is critical for everyone to be on the same page. Between under communicating or overcommunicating, I always choose the latter.”