Scott Geldzahler

Scott Geldzahler joins Purple after serving as a digital strategist for numerous political agencies including Rising Tide Interactive, Aisle 518 Strategies, and Bully Pulpit Interactive. Most recently, he ran digital advertising programs for Sara Gideon’s senate race and PACs including Giffords PAC and VoteVets. A graduate of Tufts University, Scott has worked in digital for 6+ years, and in his free time loves a challenging cooking project. A former boss once said of Scott: “Scott Geldzahler… he would do anything for a good bit.”  

“Working in digital politics has made me a lifelong student – knowing the breakneck pace at which tactics and products change requires constant learning and adapting… or you’ll be left behind. That also means sharing and collaborating and putting aside pride and ego for the good of the team. ”

“Tackling a new project in the kitchen always helps me open up my mind. The realization that a recipe is less of a to-do list and more of a suggestion opened me up to a world of testing, failing, testing again, trying new things, listening to other people’s successes, and experimenting with ideas from other cultures and backgrounds. ” 

“The trait I remember most about people is how they treat others, specifically those in the service industry. Kindness is an underrated quality, and a little generosity of spirit goes a long way.”