Terry Gaines

Prior to joining Purple, Terry worked for the Democratic National Committee as a video researcher, assisting the party with rapid response and long-term projects over four years. Before this, Terry was an investigative reporting intern at CBS News, a political reporting intern at Spectrum News, and a social media intern at Habitat for Humanity. Terry received his B.A. in Communications from California State University, Fullerton. 

Purple’s structure has allowed me to learn from and interact with people involved in various sectors of the company. Being able to learn from smart and creative individuals has changed the way I view campaign challenges.

Collectively, Purple people have diverse, varying backgrounds and extensive prior experience. From what I’ve seen, this combination creates an environment that produces innovative ideas and quality deliverables.”  

“Take the time to understand what others in your workplace do, and how your work intersects. Asking questions about what others do can help you tackle challenges in ways you might not have otherwise thought of.”