Tyler Lykins

Tyler joined Purple in 2022 after serving in the Biden-Harris administration as the Director of Research in the Office of the Vice President. Prior to his time in government, he worked on the Biden-Harris presidential transition as the research lead for the confirmations of the nominees for Agriculture, Education, Veterans Affairs, and Housing and Urban Development. Tyler is a two-time veteran of the DNC, where he served in various capacities during the last two presidential campaigns ranging from rapid response, research and community engagement – most recently leading the research operation for the Democratic vice-presidential running mate during the 2020 election. In addition to his work on campaigns and in government, he spent time with the labor organization, Working America. Tyler is a native of Kentucky and a passionate fan of the University of Kentucky Wildcats. 

“Working in politics and campaigns is a lot like getting handed the keys to a car you don’t know how to drive. You have to constantly adapt and remain focused on the end goal – this is in the back of my mind every time we approach a situation that requires focus, immediate attention and shifting priorities.”

“Purple offers an opportunity to approach challenging situations thoughtfully and with evidence-based solutions. That thoughtfulness in everything my colleagues do has been both fascinating to see up close and rewarding to learn from.”

“I’ll be the first to admit that I’m terrible at remembering the names of people I meet, but I almost always remember their story. Knowing who someone truly is and where they came from is vital to developing relationships and getting to the heart of things. The same is true with our work – knowing where our clients have been and where they want to go is key to our success.”