Zach McNamara

Zach joined Purple in 2021 as a campaigns strategist. A veteran of federal politics, Zach worked most recently on the 2020 Biden campaign and presidential inaugural committee, heading both organizations’ merchandise and e-commerce programs. Previously a marketing leader and press secretary with the Democratic National Committee and New Hampshire’s Democratic Party, Zach brings invaluable experience in the development and maintenance of some of the political world’s most prominent brands.

Through all this work, Zach has led innovative partnerships and activations that have invigorated each organization. A native of Massachusetts, Zach holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Affairs and Middle Eastern Studies from George Washington University.

“One of the best things about working at Purple is that we’re all innately curious people. One of the many reasons working with our clients is so rewarding for us is because of what we learn about the world through them.”

“An indispensable skill in this work is the ability to define what success looks like, which is sometimes surprisingly hard to do. Keeping our eye on the ball is essential to this work.”

“My grandfather’s guiding mantra was always ‘you can’t stop progress.’ I’ve always taken that to mean that the world’s only constant is change. The question is: are you going to take the opportunity to adapt and thrive?”