Bradley Engle

Bradley Engle rejoined Purple Strategies to spearhead Purple’s innovation effort to develop new products and solutions that help shape and drive client strategies. He also works with client teams at Purple to utilize new and emerging tools and technologies.

Prior to rejoining Purple, he served as Digital Director for the Koch network’s public relations firm In Pursuit Of and their largest grassroots group, Americans for Prosperity, where he developed digital strategies that harnessed their 3.2 million activists to achieve educational, policy and political outcomes. Bradley also served as Digital Director for the Jindal for President campaign and Governor Jindal’s American Future Project.

Bradley was previously a Senior Director at Purple Strategies where he worked in the firm’s digital practice with Fortune 100 companies and trade associations to develop and execute digital advertising and engagement strategies for branding, public affairs, and issue advocacy campaigns for clients. He has developed pioneering social media monitoring and online influencer outreach initiatives for clients in the defense, consumer goods, technology and telecommunications industries.

Bradley also worked for National Media Research, Planning & Placement, where he helped lead the firm’s digital strategy team and advised clients on digital media strategy in more than 50 races including work for Florida Governor Rick Scott, the NRCC and RGA. Bradley got his start in National Media’s media research department, where he utilized the firm’s proprietary media data to help assemble media research books on partisan media consumption habits.

A native of Providence, R.I., Bradley graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison with a degree in Marketing.