Caroline Sage

Caroline brings deep experience in issues management, reputation building and crisis communications to her work at Purple. She’s extremely skilled at drilling down deep to understand the most challenging issues facing clients where reputation and business intersect. Her experience building and activating campaigns extends across a wide range of industries with particular emphasis in the healthcare, manufacturing and consumer products space. Caroline works closely with clients, translating research into actionable insights to create highly successful communication campaigns. Though she’s a native of Plymouth, MN, having graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with degrees in Journalism, Political Science and Middle Eastern Studies, she’s also an avid Badger fan and cheese enthusiast.

“The people here and how we work together is what makes Purple unique. We’re constantly challenging each other’s thinking in service of creating stronger, smarter work.”

 “Keeping our work moving forward each day takes drive and persistence. But I’ve learned it also takes patience. Balancing persistence and patience is a challenging but critical skill.”

 From many debates about the Oxford comma, I’ve developed a passionate stance: If a sentence requires an oxford comma to make sense, it is a poorly written sentence and should be revised. (Oops).”