Claire Seidenberg

Claire started at Purple as an intern and now is an Associate on client teams. She has previously interned with the EPA, Senator Mark Warner, Senator Tim Kaine, Virginia Tech Government Relations, and the Ronald Reagan Foundation and Institute. These opportunities gave her the chance to live two blocks from the Capitol for a semester and in California for a summer. Claire graduated summa cum laude from Virginia Tech with a degree in Political Science and a minor in Communications.

“Working on a team and learning from the experience and perspective of others is extremely rewarding. The Purple team comes from a variety of backgrounds, so I am constantly learning from those around me.”

“Research and curiosity are a vital part of my role as an Associate. I get to learn about an array of new topics which makes the job ever-changing and exciting. Asking questions encourages growth and learning.”

“During college, I participated in a class where I went into the community and worked with preschoolers at a local Headstart program. I learned firsthand the importance and impact of early childhood education and Headstart.”