Craig Kirchoff

Craig has extensive experience in virtually every aspect of strategic communications – from research to post-production. Coming from the political world, Craig now works with Purple clients to guide and produce messages across a wide range of issues and industries. He spent the early part of his career working as a broadcast radio and video producer. Craig has also managed numerous qualitative and quantitative research projects involving a diverse variety of audiences and stakeholders. Outside of work, his interests lie in music, writing and explaining why the good people of New Jersey are so misunderstood. Craig graduated from the George Washington University in 1999.

“The most rewarding aspect of Purple is being able to work with people that have an amazing range of skills. The depth and breadth of knowledge in the company creates an environment where we’re always learning, growing and getting better.”

 “In my role I’m able to guide the communications process from start to finish. It’s challenging and exciting to go from understanding the environment to final production and distribution of a message in a way that accounts for all the variables that inevitably arise.”

 “I find the most profound inspiration usually comes from simply interacting with people – understanding their very different viewpoints and their different ways of communicating those viewpoints. Listening to the concerns of people from all walks improves our work and also makes us more well-rounded people.”