Denise Brien

Denise has worked in market research for 20 years. Her extensive experience and success leading custom quantitative and qualitative research has merited publication in The Harvard Business Review and other leading journals. In her role as Purple’s Managing Director of Insights Operations, Denise leads teams in the design and implementation of research that delivers the powerful insights behind countless successful client campaigns. Before joining Purple, Denise was Senior Director of Consumer Insights at Oath: A Verizon Company, where she was responsible for bringing the voice of the consumer to decision makers in products, marketing and sales. Denise has also held positions in research and consulting at Premium Knowledge Group and JD Power and Associates. She regularly speaks about market research methodology and consumer insights at industry conferences and summits. Denise graduated magna cum laude with a concentration in English Literature and History from the University of Rochester.

The most rewarding thing about Purple is the collaboration that genuinely elevates every aspect of our work. So many organizations struggle with functional silos and work that feels phased and disjointed from too many hand-offs. Purple client teams bring together the right people with the right skill sets to build the best solutions.”

“I’ve been doing research in some capacity for almost 20 years and can say unequivocally that Purple values insights – and knows how to use them – more than any other organization I have worked with. It is incredibly fulfilling, and sometimes a little scary – to see our commitment to using insights to illuminate a problem, to inform our thinking and to recommend a course of action.”

“I’d tell people starting out to amass as many hard skills as possible. It gets more difficult to learn tools and platforms as your responsibilities grow. But those foundational technical skills will make you more self-sufficient and teach you to think strategically about how to unearth important data and insights. And do EVERY job to the best of your ability. Because while you may be ready to take on more, people are more likely to recognize that when you do a good job on even the smallest tasks.”