Diana Muggeridge

Diana is a campaign strategist at Purple who’s passionate about her work helping industry-leading organizations navigate challenges impacting their license to operate. Diana works closely with her Purple colleagues to execute strategic campaigns designed to preventively plan for and respond to these complex challenges. Before joining Purple, Diana was a Senior Associate in the communications arm of Signal Group (formerly McBee Strategic) in Washington, D.C., where she partnered with clients in health care, technology and international affairs to elevate their brand and promote their policy objectives. She graduated magna cum laude with a B.S. in business administration from the University of Richmond. While in school, Diana also worked at the Hodges Partnership, a leading PR agency in Richmond, Virginia, and in the University of Richmond’s Media and PR office.

“I particularly admire the many powerful women I’ve had the pleasure to work alongside at many of the top organizations in the world. These are brilliant, confident and fair women who know how to get things done – and do so with complete command of the situation. It’s absolutely inspiring to see them lead teams facing important, complex decisions in times of unprecedented pressure.”

“The level of critical thinking people bring to work every day is unique to Purple. People don’t take client requests at face value. Instead, we’re constantly going beyond what a client is asking to read between the lines, think about the gaps and find new ways to interrogate problems to come up with truly effective, creative solutions. That keeps our work interesting and it helps foster a strong, collaborative partnership with clients.”

“It’s amazing just how much opportunity comes from the convergence of being proactive and people being generous with their time. My advice for someone starting out is to create as many networking and learning opportunities as you can, then pay it forward down the line once you have your own experiences to share.”