Emily Golden

Since joining Purple in 2015, Emily has worked with a number of clients across the non-profit, media, logistics, and manufacturing sectors. Her work includes the development and execution of campaigns that ranged from improving reputation to maintaining their license to operate and navigating high-pressure environments. Most recently, Emily has worked closely on a number of creative production projects, helping clients tell their story in a way that resonates with priority audiences and supports important business outcomes. Emily graduated from the A.B. Freeman School of Business at Tulane University.

“I think Purple is a special place to work because of our culture. My colleagues have such a diverse range of experiences and skillsets, and while they’re some of the most intense people I’ve ever met they’re also extremely collaborative and open-minded.”

“Clients hire Purple when they need to become part of the change that matters, and sometimes large corporate entities have a really hard time with change. I admire our clients that are open and willing to engage in a thoughtful discussion about our approach or recommendations, and don’t shy away from addressing a challenge in a new way.”

The advice I tend to offer people new in their careers, and certainly new to Purple, is to not be afraid to ask questions — we love curiosity here!”