Esther Song

Esther is a strategist who loves to distill complex ideas into compelling stories for over 10 years. Marrying efficiency with impact, she believes it’s all about understanding the audience. Esther has previously worn many hats – managing digital campaigns and site redesigns within public policy, culinary operations director, baker, and Sirius XM sports producer. Prior to joining Purple, Esther built and led a marketing team at Yay Lunch, a better-for-you school lunch delivery startup. When she’s not baking, you can find her at the climbing gym or explaining why the Crunchwrap Supreme is the pinnacle of human engineering.

“In life and at Purple, it’s a fool’s errand to try and be something that you’re not. Purple takes your background and applies it to our work with clients in a thoughtful way. That being said, opportunities to stretch your arsenal of skills are plentiful.”

“Purple is a hub of brilliant minds that come from a rich variety of backgrounds that lend their expertise in surprising and delightful ways. There’s no shortage of creativity or acumen and best of all, it’s never subject to gatekeeping.”

“Triaging is all about thinking through desired outcomes and finding the right path forward that still helps you to achieve your goal. It’s important to think about the endgame even when you’re in the middle of a crisis.”