Jason Bargnes

Jason supports the development and execution of strategic reputation and brand management campaigns for a variety of clients at Purple. Before joining Purple, Jason was at the Democratic Attorneys General Association (DAGA), where he spent five years helping establish the reimagined organization as a full-time political committee. While there, he worked to elect and elevate Democratic AGs across the country and focused on proprietary digital products and targeting tools to persuade voters. Before his position at the DAGA, Jason worked for a decade in management consulting and financial services at Booz Allen Hamilton and FBR Capital Markets. He brings a dynamic skill set and experience across these three diverse and often intersecting industries, and unique knowledge and expertise working with the chief legal and law enforcement officers of dozens of states. Jason is a native of Michigan, he earned his undergraduate degree at Indiana University Bloomington and his MBA at George Washington University.

“Working in financial services during the Great Recession, management consulting in the healthcare space during the initial deployment of the Affordable Care Act, and at a political committee rushing to establish itself during an unpredictable administration has given me a lens of understanding urgency in turbulent times, while being able to identify unique opportunities to thrive.”

“The team at Purple comes from such varied backgrounds, with a remarkable range of skills so that I never stop learning from my colleagues.”

“Harvey Milk famously said in his Hope Speech: ‘Unless you have dialogue, unless you open the walls of dialogue, you can never reach to change people’s opinion.’ I think this holds true no matter the topic, issue, or problem – different perspectives and conversations are the only way to drive long-lasting change in attitudes and viewpoints.”